Why Winter is Best for a Facelift

Why Winter is Best for a Facelift

Summer has finally started to fade away, and now a cooler season is in front of us. Autumn is a contemplative season, helping us reflect on all that we have accomplished this year – and what we still want to do before we say goodbye to 2021 forever. For those considering plastic surgery this year, this may be the best time to get in touch with your local experts at Linville Plastic Surgery in Houston. Let’s look at why winter is best for a facelift.

Why Winter is Best for a Facelift

For many patients, time is of the essence. In order to look good during the warmer seasons, you have to start making crucial changes during periods of rest. This is one of the many reasons why winter is best for a facelift. Keep reading to learn more about the opportunities you can take advantage of this season.

Utilize Time Off Effectively

A lot of people get surgery during the winter season because this is when most folks are taking a lot of time off work. Whether to celebrate holidays or to go on a long vacation in celebration of the year’s achievements, people are ready to kick back for weeks on end. This is the best time to recover from surgery, knowing you won’t have to take too much time off of work or miss any big events that you would otherwise want to be there for.

Not to mention, recovery can be the most fun during this time when there are new holiday movies and TV show premieres to look forward to! If you feel insecure about the recovery process, you can more easily conceal yourself in the cold weather. It is also a good idea to stay warm and get lots of rest during this time anyway.

Plan Further Ahead

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to plan ahead when you schedule your surgery for the winter. You will be recovered in time for the warmer seasons of next year, so you will have the freedom to go in whatever direction your life chooses. If you want to be beach-ready by June and July of 2022, you’ll want to look at a winter procedure. Facelifts can take a couple of months to fully recover from, depending on the procedure you are looking to have done.

Wait for Scars to Fade

The initial recovery period from a facelift surgery may not be very long, but you also have to take scars into account. It can take several months for scars to fade to the point where they aren’t too visible, letting you enjoy the look of your brand-new body. According to PlasticSurgery.org, a significant amount of scar healing happens in the first few months. The redness may take longer to fade completely, but you may be able to hide it with makeup or accessories after the initial symptoms of scarring have gone away.

And like scars, swelling will also disappear within a few weeks – or months. Winter surgeries offer you all the time you need to rest and fully recover. When the world is ready to go outside again, you will be ready to reveal your new self. Your summer body will thank you!

Plan Your Winter Procedure Today

Patients all around Texas are starting to plan for wintertime procedures. If you are expecting to have some well-deserved time off this holiday season, consider treating yourself to an early present. Plan your facelift in Houston with the office of Dr. Cain Linville today. We offer advanced solutions to address your cosmetic surgery needs. Call us today for a personal consultation. Winter appointments are filling up fast; get your treatment booked so you can enjoy a season of transformation up ahead!


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