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Female anatomy is complex, and it deserves a level of technology up to the task of providing the right balance of efficacy and gentle treatment for sensitive areas. Linville Plastic Surgery is proud to provide EmpowerRF in Houston to help women see drastic improvements in female wellness and health. Contact us today to learn about this multi-modal system for providing non-surgical labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation.

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What Is EmpowerRF?

EmpowerRF is a revolutionary, FDA-approved non-surgical radiofrequency (RF) based tightening and lifting treatment that produces impressive results for women’s wellness. Its unique design allows it to treat multiple concerns for women’s wellness, improving both functionality and appearance of the female anatomy.

Developed by cosmetic experts, this safe and effective technology uses sophisticated RF energy to remodel the collagen deep within your tissues, resulting in a tightening of the overall tissue structure. This non-surgical treatment will reduce wrinkles and lines, improve the appearance of sagging skin and create a more youthful look.

Technologies Using Empower RF

  • Morpheus8V: Fast and effective treatment for a wide range of vaginal rejuvenation improvements.
  • VTone: Gentle muscle stimulation to improve weakened pelvic floor muscles. Also improves concerns such as urgency, incontinence, and stress.
  • FormaV: Ideal for relieving spasms and pain, boosting circulation, and rejuvenating and remodeling tissue. Improves concerns such as sexual dysfunction, muscle toning, and pain or discomfort.
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Benefits of EmpowerRF

One of the reasons more and more patients choose non-surgical procedures like EmpowerRF is that they come with a range of benefits and fewer risks or drawbacks than surgery. Some of its key benefits include:

  • Empower RF is a pain-free procedure
  • The treatment requires little to no downtime or recovery time
  • It can be used to treat even the most sensitive parts of the female anatomy
  • Reliable results without a single incision
  • No scarring or signs of treatment (other than results)
  • Treat a range of concerns, including incontinence, weak pelvic floor, pain, and more

What Is an EmpowerRF Treatment Like?

Your EmpowerRF treatment will be tailored specifically to your needs. During the procedure, a practitioner will use a small handpiece to deliver radiofrequency energy through the treatment area. This energy heats up the collagen and tissues beneath the surface, which contracts and tightens in response. However, patients tend to only report a mild heating sensation during treatment that never rises to the level of even being described as discomfort.

A treatment session is also quick, rarely taking more than half an hour. However, many patients enjoy combining modalities to treat multiple concerns, which may require a slightly longer treatment session. After your visit, you should be able to return immediately to your day.


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Is There a Recovery Period?

In most cases, there is little to no downtime after an EmpowerRF treatment. However, there may be some mild discomfort after treatment, and patients are advised to avoid intercourse until it fades to prevent additional irritation. Most patients should be back to normal within a couple of days at most, and will not experience any interruption to their daily routine or lifestyle.

When Will You See the Results?

Positive results are often apparent after even a single session, though most patients will require 2-3 sessions to fully reach their target results. Depending on the treatment modality you had, you may begin seeing results within a matter of days. Results should continue to improve after each session with full results being felt within a few weeks of your last treatment session.

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Is EmpowerRF Right for Me?

If you’re interested in experiencing the numerous benefits of EmpowerRF, contact our office today to schedule a consultation! Our experts can answer any additional questions you may have and help you determine if this treatment is right for your needs. If you want to take back control over your body and address multiple female wellness concerns, then EmpowerRF may be the right path forward for you.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Linville Plastic Surgery has one of the leading cosmetic surgeons offering EmpowerRF in Houston. He has years of experience using this technology to help his patients look their best through a range of cosmetic surgery specialties. To learn more about EmpowerRF, you can set up your consultation at Linville Plastic Surgery today and start on your path to an enhanced aesthetic.


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