Is a Breast Fat Transfer Safer Than Implants?

Is a Breast Fat Transfer Safer Than Implants?

Anyone who is interested in changing the shape or size of their breasts has probably been looking into the different options for breast augmentation. The two most popular types of breast surgery are implants and fat transfer, and both come with their own advantages and drawbacks. At Linville Plastic Surgery, we do not just offer these procedures to our patients – we also offer education, resources, and inner peace. Below, we look at if breast fat transfer is safer than implants.

Is a Breast Fat Transfer Safer Than Implants?

One way that we help patients stay in harmony with their bodies is by answering important questions about each of our procedures. For example, we will often hear questions such as, “How does the fat transfer process work?”, and “Is a breast fat transfer safer than implants?”

To answer those questions, we are providing a run-down of the most important facts to know about both augmentation options. This will help you decide what kind of breast surgery best suits your needs.

How Fat Transfer Augmentations Work

Instead of adding silicone or saline implants to the body, surgeons can utilize a natural fat-harvesting process to transfer fat from one area to another. In this case, the surgeon will harvest fat from your own body (typically in the buttocks area) and transfer it to the breasts, increasing their shape and size without adding any foreign materials.

To successfully achieve a fat transfer augmentation, the surgeon will combine a few different practices and techniques. Liposuction is usually used to efficiently remove pockets of fat from the harvesting location. All of the removed healthy fat cells will then be put into the breasts where they will permanently remain.

Are Fat Transfers Safer Than Implants?

There are a few key benefits of the fat transfer process that may make this a better choice for some patients. Those who are interested in augmentations but do not necessarily want to put foreign materials into their bodies can use this method as a way of achieving their ideal breast size.

While implants are not inherently unsafe, there is a higher chance of the body rejecting the implant material. This could possibly result in an infection or botched results. Fat transfers can make the entire surgical process less abrasive, encouraging faster and more efficient healing.

What Are the Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentations?

Fat transfer breast augmentations are paving the way in innovative breast surgery. Not only can this method help you achieve safer and more natural-looking breasts, but they can actually boost your health as well. Fat transfer breast augmentations can give you additional benefits such as:

  • Breasts that are more aligned with your natural bodily contours and shape
  • Natural growth promotion as your body uses its own fat for cell growth
  • Added contour through the liposuction process, which gives shape to the rest of your chest in addition to your breasts
  • Reduced risk of a botched augmentation
  • No need to worry about rupturing an implant or getting a leak in the years following your surgery
  • Results last a very long time, with most patients enjoying their new breasts for several decades

The fat transfer process leaves behind less scarring and fewer visible blemishes than the implant process. Because so many procedures can be combined into one, it is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their looks without going under the knife multiple times.

Becoming a Candidate for Fat Transfer Augmentation

There are plenty of reasons why patients will want to have a natural fat-harvested augmentation instead of implants. But that does not mean that this procedure works for everyone, or that implants are inherently worse. In fact, many people are better candidates for traditional implants than fat harvesting. The best way to find out whether you are a good candidate for this procedure is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Linville. During your initial appointment, you will answer questions about your daily life habits, including whether you have a history of substance use. Depending on your health history and other factors, you might be deemed eligible for this exciting fat transfer process.

Your personal goals also play heavily into this decision. Fat transfer augmentations make the breasts look more natural, whereas implants might give you a much larger size. Ultimately, it is between you and your surgeon to decide what is best for your body.

Learn More About Your Breast Options Today!

At the office of Dr. Linville, we are excited to share our latest updates and techniques with you. We offer customizable breast augmentation with fat transfer to anyone looking to boost the shape and size of their breasts without too much of a hassle. Learn more by getting in touch with our friendly team and scheduling your own personal consultation!


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