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Threading in Houston

Thanks to advancements in sutures and technology, threading is now safe and has made its way back into the world of cosmetics.

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What is Threading?

Threading is a nonsurgical, very noninvasive way to get a lift of the face, or even the breast and buttocks, by using a suture that is inserted just under the skin through a tiny hole and passed under the area that needs lifted. The barbs on the suture face the reverse way, and the skin is simply pulled in the desired direction in order to provide a very noticeable but natural lift, with no incisions, and no downtime. It is literally done in the office while you’re awake!


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Why is Threading Special?

Quite simply, it is an extremely powerful way to provide a nonsurgical, noninvasive facelift, without incisions and with no downtime.  It holds significant promise to be yet another technique that we all use and perform every so often to lift and stave off the need for a facelift or neck lift (or breast lift, etc).

How does it work?

Special sutures with barbs on them are inserted through a tiny access site and passed under the skin or tissue.  Once in place, the skin is simply pressed on and lifted in the desired direction, and the barbs hold everything in place.

Other Techniques

While threading provides the lift, it does not necessarily restore the volume that we all lose as we age.  Thankfully, fillers are a great adjunct to threading, both of which Dr. Linville excels in, and will provide you with an unmatched natural result.  This is as advanced as it gets in terms of nonsurgical rejuvenation.

It’s not the having, it’s the getting.


What is the downside?

Really nothing, as long as you understand that the sutures themselves dissolve over the course of a year, so it is not permanent.  Your body will make collagen around the sutures, so you will get more than a year out of your result, but you may have to repeat it over time.  Unfortunately, permanent sutures were used in the past, and due to complications, they were banned.  So, we devised a new method – absorbable sutures.  You still get the same amazing and natural results, but without the complications.  Yes, you may need it repeated, but it’s a very well-tolerated procedure that’s done in the office with no downtime.


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