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The human body has incredible regenerative abilities. However, there are limitations. Certain wounds or surgeries result in wounds or incisions that heal into scars. While scarring is an entirely natural process, the results can be unwanted and visually unappealing.

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Scar revision aims to lessen the appearance of scars and help patients minimize the impact scars have on their life., At Linville Plastic Surgery, we understand that scarring can have an effect on your self-image. Even if it is not visible, a scar can serve as a reminder of a traumatic experience or unpleasant memories. That’s why we are dedicated to using the latest scar revision techniques to reduce our patients’ scarring. By coming to the top center for plastic surgery in Houston, you can take a step toward building confidence in your appearance.


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What is Scar Revision About?

Though once permanent, scars can now be treated with advances in medical techniques and knowledge. While there are still limitations, scar revision can reduce or entirely remove scarring from patients. Even for intense scarring, revision treatments can reduce the size and visibility with impressive results. Whether your scar is from injury or surgery, Dr. Linville will work to restore your skin.

More than 100 million people develop scars every year. While the body can heal itself to an impressive degree, sometimes a wound or incision will form a scar. However, medical advancements continually improve our ability to reduce scarring and complete what our bodies started.

We understand that scars can make patients feel self-conscious, leading to a negative effect on your quality of life. With Dr. Linville’s skill and expertise, he is ready to help you restore your appearance. He wants his patients to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies and will work tirelessly to make that happen.

Through scar revision, you can remove minor scarring. Even deeper scars will see a drastic decrease in visibility through treatment. During your consultation, Dr. Linville will assess your scars and be honest about what your results may look like. Each patient will be fully informed and given realistic expectations to look forward to.

The Various Types of Scarring

Scars are typically broken up into two categories: surface scarring and deep scarring. The more shallow a scar is, the better it can respond to scar revision therapy. Still, deep scars can also be treated, though the reduction can vary.

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Surface Scars

The closer to the surface it is, the easier a scar can be treated. Examples of surface scarring include acne breakouts. When a breakout is severe enough, the results can last for years, making building confidence in your appearance challenging. Using laser technology, Dr. Linville helps your body rebuild this tissue.

Keloid, or raised scars, also see a reduction when treated. Some even fade entirely. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing techniques are two other methods for reducing scarring. These especially work well with scarring from hyperpigmentation, helping to lighten dark patches in your skin.

Chemical peels are a safe way to deal with surface scarring. By using a peel made of acids and enzymes, the scarred tissue is removed, and your skin is rejuvenated. For these treatments, the amount of sessions depends on the type and severity of scarring. Some patients may see results after only one or two. Others may need several to reach their goals.

Still, even minor scars require patience. Results take time to develop, but dedication will see you reach your goals.

Deep Scarring

The deeper a scar, the more challenging it will be to remove it fully. Realistically, there are cases where complete removal simply is not possible. Perhaps medical techniques will advance to this point someday, but for now, there are still limitations. However, scar reduction methods have improved significantly in the past few years.

Rather than trying to remove the scar, the methods focus on reducing how visible it is. Whether the deep scar is from extreme injury, severe acne, or surgical incisions, we can help reduce it. Dr. Linville can even address deep tissue scars by combining subcision techniques. Combined with other scar reduction methods, you can see significant improvements.


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A Personalized Scar Removal Plan

No two scars are going to be entirely alike. Even surgical incisions heal differently depending on the patient’s genetics and regenerative ability. When you have your consultation, Dr. Linville will examine the target scars and develop a plan for treating them. As you discuss your goals and expectations, he will be straightforward about what your results should look like.

Some treatment plans can require a commitment to several sessions, especially for deeper scars. Though you will see improvements with each session, it may take time to reach your goals. No matter what, Dr. Linville is upfront with you about what your expected treatment will look like.

After the Scar Revision and Results

Surface scar revision is typically a straightforward process with quick results and no downtime. You can see improvements in fewer sessions and not even need to take off work. For deeps scarring, you can expect a 1-2 week healing period. Swelling and minor discomfort are normal and should subside soon. If you experience slight discoloration of your skin, this is also temporary and normal.

While healing, it is vital to take good care of your skin around the target area. Dr. Linville will provide you with a full list of instructions to keep your healing process smooth.

Though you may see some results quickly, your full results typically won’t appear until after a few months or up to a year. The reason is that your body is involved in the treatment, and its changes can take time to become fully apparent. However, once those final results are there, you will see significant improvement in your scarring!

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Take the first step to reclaiming your body and schedule a consultation today. During this individual conversation, you will have a chance to fully express your goals. By considering your needs, Dr. Linville develops a plan that matches them individually.

Scarring might once have been permanent, but it no longer needs to be. We look forward to helping you achieve a better quality of life through scar revision. Call us today at 713-678-0019 to learn more about the treatment options we offer.


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