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Tighten, tone, and improve your skin.

Many patients want firmer, younger skin but do not want surgery. Fortunately, non-surgical options such as AccuTite can now make those goals a reality without a single incision. Dr. Cain Linville is proud to offer non-surgical AccuTite by InMode to patients in the Houston area.

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What Is AccuTite?

AccuTite is a modern minimally-invasive technology for face and body skin tightening. Fat reduction and skin tightening no longer require a demanding workout regimen or invasive surgery. AccuTite uses focal radiofrequency contraction to tighten skin without making any surgical changes. 

Tiny but powerful, AccuTite delivers precision heating to stimulate your body’s natural response mechanisms. The result: tighter skin that looks and feels years younger. Patients who want precision fat reduction or skin tightening now have a new option that can be done under local anesthesia. The entire treatment can be performed in our office, lasting 20 to 45 minutes. No surgery, no incisions, no lengthy recovery.

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Precision targeting and proven performance.

The AccuTite system uses a unique method called RF lipolysis. This energy-based system melts pockets of fat and tightens loose or sagging skin simultaneously. This minimally-invasive procedure works by transferring radiofrequency energy in the form of heat. This in turn can tighten skin through tissue coagulation.

In other words: AccuTite destroys unwanted fat and stimulates the production of collagen. Together, these changes in the deeper layers of the skin promote tighter, firmer skin. You can see results similar to traditional surgical treatments but without any of the downsides that come with surgery. With AccuTite in Houston, you avoid long recovery times or any discomfort you might have traditionally experienced. Further, studies have shown that this technology has more significant skin tightening potential than other FDA-approved non-invasive devices.

What are the side effects?

There are minimal to no side effects with AccuTite. With most radio-frequency treatments, there is a minor risk of thermal burns. But with AccuTite’s advanced technology, Dr. Linville can monitor the device and ensure the heat is always at the appropriate level. AccuTite tones your skin and tissue from the inside out instead of working from the outside like a laser. In this manner, the recovery is much faster. You won’t experience skin redness, irritation, and other side effects like you would with a traditional laser treatment.



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Am I a good candidate for AccuTite?

The majority of men and women who benefit most from AccuTite are in their 30s-50s. Have you started noticing areas on your face and body you want to tighten, tone, and lift? Then AccuTite may be ideal for you.

Recovery time with AccuTite is also much faster than surgery. This convenience makes it ideal for working professionals who do not have the time to take off from work. Dr. Linville also believes it is an excellent option for patients who are not yet ready for cosmetic surgery but are bothered by sagging skin.

AccuTite also combines well with a range of other treatments. For example, you can use AccuTite in combination with Morpheus8 to improve your skin quality and treat acne. These can be used on all skin types and skin tones. If you have stubborn fat that resists exercise and dieting, then AccuTite is a perfect option for you. You can say goodbye to unwanted fat and loose skin with this minimally-invasive procedure.

What areas of the face and body does it treat?


  • Brow
  • Periorbital (Puffy Eyes)
  • Nasolabial Fold (Smile Lines)
  • Lower Face
  • Neck and Jawline


  • Axilla Bra Fat (Armpit Fat)
  • Upper Arms
  • Hands
  • Abdominal Etching
  • Inner Thighs
  • Knees
  • Women’s Health & Wellness

Does AccuTite hurt?

Pain is unique to each person and depends significantly on your threshold. However, most people report minimal discomfort during their AccuTite treatment. Most of our patients say the most painful part is the initial application of numbing cream at the beginning of the treatment. After that, it is smooth sailing. However, if you have any concerns, let us know and we can work with you to find a solution.

When will I see results?

The AccuTite device is small but mighty and works quickly. Most patients tend to notice skin improvements after even the first treatment. Most people will see full results after their post-treatment swelling has gone down. This is usually around the 4-6 week mark. The good news is that your treated area will continue to improve, with your final results starting to peak at 6 months!

How long does a treatment last?

AccuTite and the combined Morpheus8 treatments are customized to your cosmetic skin tightening and fat-reduction goals. For many patients, the procedure is essentially permanent. You will continue to age, (as we all will) but at a slower rate and in a more graceful manner. We can also provide tips to help you get the most out of your results for years to come. As years pass, many patients enjoy getting touchup treatments to keep their results at their peak.

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Are you ready to take the next step?

Dr. Linville is a double-board certified plastic surgeon servicing the greater Houston area. Dr. Linville and his team aim to provide you with excellence through a variety of cosmetic and non-surgical procedures to enhance your appearance. Please call our office today at (713) 678 0019 to schedule your AccuTite appointment. You may also email us at for questions, and inquiries, and to schedule your consultation.


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