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Linville Plastic Surgery specializes in all surgical and nonsurgical plastic surgery procedures in Houston.

Dr. Cain Linville
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Spearheaded by double board-certified plastic surgeon, Cain Linville M.D., F.A.C.S, we aim to provide the top plastic surgery in Texas and the United States. At Linville Plastic Surgery, we are passionate about plastic surgery and committed to helping our patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

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About Dr. Cain Linville

I could write this in third person, but it always comes off so formal. The purpose of the About page is for you the reader, to get to know me as a person, a surgeon, and why I pursued a career in plastic surgery and why I love my job.

Growing up

My mom and grandmother would be the first to tell you that I always wanted to be a doctor. I would go around with a stethoscope listening to my family’s heart and lungs until they could not take it anymore. I of course had the game “Operation” which I played relentlessly. I was even a doctor for three Halloweens in a row! It’s all kind of embarrassing actually.

After high school, I went to Lindenwood University on a basketball scholarship, which is just outside St. Louis, graduating magna cum laude before coming back closer to home for medical school at University of Missouri. It was there that I realized my passion for surgery, and late in my surgical experience, I got a glimpse at the surgical beauty and technical mastery of plastic surgery.

General Surgery Residency

I really wanted to learn the basics of surgery, but also to be the absolute best doctor possible, so I decided to go into the hardest General Surgery program I could find. Fate brought me to the University of Texas at Houston. It is a trauma-heavy, intense, fast-paced, old-school program with a lot of autonomy, in all the right ways. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. Those five years were a demanding but defining period for me. As all med students do, I went from being a wide-eyed novice, to a chief resident running the show. I had found my calling – there is nothing like performing surgery on someone and saving their life or ridding them of disease. Deep down though, I wanted more. I wanted to possess the skills and knowledge I had seen from the plastic surgeons I encountered along the way, so I kept on going.

Why Plastic Surgery

A Plastic Surgeon is an artist, a problem solver, and must think outside the box. We are who other surgeons call when they are in trouble or need help. I love being “a surgeon’s surgeon,” and this was one of the main reasons I chose to pursue Plastic Surgery. I just needed a program to choose me, and thankfully, I matched at The Ohio State University for my plastic surgery residency/fellowship.

There I began a whole new process of learning and thinking about every aspect of surgery – it is truly so different and amazing. I was fortunate to train under some of the most respected plastic surgeons from around the world, and received extensive training in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body, as well as microsurgical techniques and perforator flap reconstruction methods.

The Final Piece

I focused on advanced breast reconstruction techniques including microsurgery and even “super microsurgery” – all while enhancing my cosmetic skills and becoming an accomplished injector, always striving for enhanced yet natural aesthetic results.

Now back in Houston, I have been in practice for almost a decade. My patient’s results and enhanced but safe outcomes are a direct outcome of my unyielding commitment to never settle for average, to utilize technology and advanced techniques safely, and to provide my patients with their optimal outcome. No single person is the same, and so no surgical plan is “cookie cutter.” This holds true for facelifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and even injectables.

I invite you to come in for a visit. Whether you have been afflicted with breast cancer and desire confidence-restoring reconstruction, or you are interested in a new type of cosmetic experience that exceeds your expectations, my team and I are ready to provide you with a boutique, personal experience that is second-to-none.

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Dr. Cain Linville


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