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You no longer have to accept thinning hair, whether you are a man or a woman. Millions of men and women are affected by male or female-pattern baldness worldwide.

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Still, many are not aware of their treatment options or are turned away by the old stigma associated with hair restoration transplantation, such as having scars or having what looks like “plugs.” That is all old news. Neograft hair restoration can revive your hair with a completely natural look. No visible scarring. Practically no downtime.

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What is Neograft Hair Restoration?

Neograft hair restoration is an FDA-cleared, minimally-invasive follicular unit extraction (FUE) non-surgical hair transplant procedure. It treats hair loss in a new but revolutionary way that yields transformative results tailored to each individual.

The Neograft hair restoration treatment utilizes individual hair follicles to transplant hair from the back of the head to your target areas. The non-surgical hair restoration treatment requires no:

  • Surgery
  • Incisions
  • Stitches
  • Linear scars

Without these setbacks, the results appear natural and elegant. At Linville Plastic Surgery, Dr. Linville provides only the latest options for plastic surgery in Houston. If you are suffering from hair loss, we are here to help.

Expected Results

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How Does Neograft Compare to Other Hair Restoration Methods?

Neograft takes individual follicles from the back and sides of the scalp. The technique does not leave a linear or visible scar and does not cause numbness or disrupt blood supply to the scalp. Because the follicles are inserted individually, they yield an exceptionally natural result. This is further enhanced by the staggering of follicles. Dr. Linville strategically transplants follicles to generate a mixed, ultra-natural result.


Traditional Hair Transplant Methods

Traditional graft methods cut a strip from the back or sides of the head that leave a visible, linear scar. Additionally, fewer follicles are typically transplanted in this type of session due to the large cut and factoring in healing.

This method often requires subsequent procedures. That means:

  • Additional scars on the scalp
  • Can lead to focal areas of baldness worse
  • Decreased blood flow in regions of the scalp
  • Large areas of numbness

Hair plugs are like a less refined follicular unit extraction. With this outdated method, a cluster of follicles is transferred to the target area. The drawback is it can lead to an appearance of doll-like hair. This can be difficult to conceal and even harder to correct. Follicles are also not typically inset in proper alignment. So their direction may not appear natural with the surrounding hair and can look fake.


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Am I a Candidate for a Non-Surgical Hair Transplant?

Almost anyone with thinning hair or hair loss can undergo Neograft hair restoration and see natural but dramatic results. Candidates for a non-surgical hair transplant must be in good health and have realistic expectations for this procedure.

Patients who have found no success with other hair replacement methods may still be candidates for this revolutionary transplantation that does not leave a visible scar!

During your consultation, Dr. Linville will provide you with information about the procedure. This includes what your treatment plan will look like and what results you can expect.

The Neograft Procedure

A local anesthetic will be administered to the region of concern and donor site to ensure comfort throughout the procedure. Dr. Linville begins by carefully gathering the hair from the donor area to create the hair graft.

Each hair graft is meticulously designed to fit the recipient site before being transplanted. Treatment sessions will vary based on the patient’s hair replacement needs and Dr. Linville’s expertise. Results are permanent and can be enhanced with additional treatment sessions or growth factor injections.

Hair Restoration Recovery

A non-surgical hair restoration treatment requires minimal downtime. Patients may resume all normal activities within a few days of the treatment. Some of the transplanted hair will shed initially, but this is not permanent! The goal is not to move hair around your head, but to encourage the follicles to grow their own hair.

You can expect to see growth around three weeks after treatment. Patients will then continue to see improving results within the next 3 to 4 months. Results will become more and more apparent from the 6-12 month mark as the hair naturally grows in.

There is a little bit of caution within the first two weeks of recovery after the transplant in order to help protect the transplanted follicles. Dr. Linville will provide you with a full set of care instructions to ensure optimal results.

Be strong. Be confident. Be the star of your own life.


Schedule a Consultation Today

If you are interested in a non-surgical hair transplant treatment, contact Linville Plastic Surgery for more information and book your appointment today. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Linville will work with you to determine an ideal treatment plan.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and learn all about your treatment process. Each plan is unique, based on your individual goals and needs. Call us today to learn more about the treatment options available to you!


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