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As Linville Plastic Surgery grows, we can provide life-changing results to an increasingly wide population of patients. We want to ensure your plastic surgery journey proves comfortable and stress-free on every level during your time in Houston.

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Our team understands that many patients interested in cosmetic or plastic surgery may not reside in the immediate Houston area. With this in mind, we have taken several measures to ensure our out-of-town patients have a smooth and convenient experience.

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Concierge-Level Assistance

Traveling for cosmetic surgery does not need to be a hassle, and our team hopes for it to be a wholly positive experience. We are happy to assist in finding the right arrangements for your stay and travel to-and-from the surgery center.



World-Class Hotel Partnerships

To ensure a stay of utmost comfort for our patients, we have partnered with two outstanding places of stay in the Houston area. From accommodation to transport to and from your hotel for flights and your procedure visit, we strive for every step to be as simple as possible.

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Inter Continental Houston Medical Center

Conveniently located near the Texas Medical Center, the state-of-the-art hotel features upscale suites for stays of unprecedented comfort.

Hotel ZaZa in the Museum District

A luxury hotel located in the historic Museum District, Hotel Zaza offers a unique spark blended with traditional leisure.

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