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Male Tummy Tuck in Houston

Male abdominoplasty is a unique technique, and has subtle differences compared to a tummy tuck in women. At Linville Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer this procedure. The incision is generally flatter, and instead of an hour-glass shape, in men the goal is to create that V-pattern. And it is not just your standard tummy tuck, Dr. Linville utilizes recent advances in technique to do liposculpting of the entire abdomen at the same time to obtain the perfect body contour. This procedure will remove excess skin and fat and help restore a younger, firmer abdomen while still looking natural and hiding scars.

Dr. Linville also provides personalized tummy tuck surgery for men. This adapted version of a traditional abdominoplasty is a procedure that can help men achieve a toned and contoured abdominal area with a focus on keeping a distinctly masculine appearance. This procedure is popular among both genders, but the approach to tummy tuck for men has key differences from the female version.

During the procedure, he makes sure to retain a more masculine abdominal shape by preserving muscle structure and a focus on slimmer the abdominal area to emphasize these features. In addition, we adjust the procedure according to each patient’s unique body structure and aesthetic goals. More than one body shape can have a masculine appearance, so we use different methods based on the patient’s unique features to bring out the best results for them.

The procedure duration is still about 1-2 hours, and the recovery lasts about two weeks as well. Targeted pockets of fat are removed or reduced, and any excess skin is removed and tightened, creating a flatter and more sculpted abdominal area.

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