What Causes Different-Sized Breasts?

What Causes Different-Sized Breasts?

Most things that come in pairs are pretty evenly matched. But with body parts, there’s no guarantee that two of the same parts will be the same exact size. The biggest example is with the breasts. Breast asymmetry is one of the most common problems that people develop as their breasts grow over time. It is rare for someone to have perfectly matched breasts that are identical in every way. Breasts can be misshapen for a variety of different reasons.

What Causes Different-Sized Breasts?

But what causes different-sized breasts? Is it something that you need to be concerned with? Our experts shed light on the real reasons behind misshapen breasts and how a Houston plastic surgeon can fix any problems with misalignment.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Again, having misshapen breasts is very common. But the reason for breast asymmetry may vary widely from person to person. In fact, more than 50% of all pairs of breasts are misshapen. Let’s find out why:


Pregnancy causes rapid, drastic changes to the body. If your breasts were not misshapen before pregnancy but have ended up misaligned after giving birth, this is likely the culprit. Your body expands and gains a lot of weight very quickly while you are carrying a child, and this causes your breasts to grow. They will also swell up as they fill with milk. After all of these changes, your breasts will not look the same as they did before pregnancy.


Getting older is hard in a lot of ways. Puberty puts the body through a lot of physical changes, including breast growth. As they start to get bigger, they can grow at different rates. You may worry about the way your breasts are growing, but know that even extreme misalignment can be normal.

Juvenile Hypertrophy of the Breast

This condition occurs when one breast is significantly larger than the other. While this is rare, it is important to treat it right away. Surgery may be required to correct this condition, which could lead to insecurities and other mental health issues down the line.

Coping with Uneven Breasts

In most cases, the causes of your uneven breasts should not be a source of worry. The worst thing you might be dealing with is social anxiety and security issues regarding the shape and look of your breasts. If you are concerned with your body image and you feel that you can’t cope with daily life, get in touch with your doctor to come up with the best treatment plan for you. There are surgery solutions available that can resize and reshape your breasts so they look even and perfect.

When You Should Be Concerned

In the majority of cases, you do not need to be concerned about your uneven breasts. A little bit of asymmetry is natural and will not cause additional health issues down the line. If you notice your breasts continuously growing uneven or swelling up, you may want to get in touch with your doctor as this could be a sign that something is wrong. In rare circumstances, there could be an underlying blood condition or cancer that is causing your breasts to grow.

Enhance Your Breasts Today!

While asymmetrical breasts are usually nothing to worry about, they may be causing you some struggles with perception and self-image. If you are looking to change the shape of your uneven breasts, you aren’t alone. The office of Dr. Cain Linville offers innovative breast asymmetry correction treatments through different surgical options. Give us a call today to determine your eligibility for breast enhancement surgery. You can change your image and your entire life overnight!


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