Tips for Choosing Your Facelift Surgeon

Tips for Choosing Your Facelift Surgeon

Making the decision to undergo plastic surgery in Houston is very personal. To get the results you want and the compassionate care you deserve, it’s important to choose your surgeon carefully. This may be especially true if you’re considering a facelift. Here we have our tips for choosing your facelift surgeon.

Tips for Choosing Your Facelift Surgeon

Fortunately, there are specific marks of quality that you can look for to gauge whether or not a plastic surgeon is right for you. In order to help you through the process of choosing your facelift surgeon, let’s discuss the top tips for finding a qualified surgeon who will meet your needs.

Board Certifications

Whenever you are having surgery, your surgery should be performed by someone who is board certified in that area. Board certification is essentially the last step on the ladder towards quantifiable expertise.

Board-certified plastic surgeons have undergone rigorous examination and continued education to show that they are the best in their field. When it comes to someone who is going to be working on the appearance of your face, board certifications matter.

Past Experience

Even the best board-certified plastic surgeons tend to have certain areas of expertise. Before you commit to doing a procedure with a specific surgeon, it’s important to ask a few key questions.

There are two questions in particular that are most useful. First ask how often your surgeon performs the kind of facelift you’re interested in. They should be able to give you a rough estimate of how many they perform each year. The second is how frequently their patients experience complications.

Patient Testimonials

While patient testimonials can be cherry-picked to show a doctor in a good light on certain sites, you should be able to find good, solid reviews through reputable websites dedicated to plastic surgeons.

When you’re vetting a surgeon, don’t just look at the words the patient writes. You should also be looking at before and after pictures that reflect the surgeon’s work. You can often access a whole collection of them just by asking your prospective surgeon.

Ask About Hospital Privileges

If you are having a non-surgical facelift in Houston or another less invasive procedure, then your surgeon may offer to perform the procedure in their own offices. Even if this is the case, it is important to ensure that your surgeon has hospital privileges in the area.

Working with a surgeon who has hospital privileges in your immediate area means that you will have access to continued care with your surgeon if you need to go to the hospital during or after your procedure.

This may seem like overkill for a non-invasive procedure, but all medical processes come with risk. It’s important to know that you will be well taken care of if there are unexpected complications.

Have A Consultation

Your surgeon’s accreditations and technical skills are incredibly important, but that isn’t all that matters. This is your face, and you need to know that you are working with someone who listens to you and communicates effectively. That is why meeting your potential surgeon in person is such a vital step in finding the right surgeon for you.

Your initial consultation is the perfect forum for getting to know your surgeon and learning how they interact with patients like you. Come ready with questions and a clear idea of what you want out of your experience.

The right plastic surgeon for you will answer your questions honestly and give you a realistic idea of what you can expect in regard to results. If they do suggest other procedures or a different approach, it should be in response to your stated goals.


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