Guide To Facelift Preparation

Guide To Facelift Preparation

A facelift can be a life-changing operation that restores youth and vigor to your appearance, counteracting the negative effects of aging. Below we cover our guide to facelift preparation.

Guide To Facelift Preparation

However, you’ll want to make sure that you take all of the necessary preparations prior to heading in for this delicate operation. Like most plastic surgery operations, a facelift requires certain levels of dedication and preparation to be executed to its fullest extent.

If you’re considering undergoing a facelift near you in Houston, then be sure to read over this brief on the kinds of things you’ll want to prepare for in order to maximize your results.

The Facelift Basics

A facelift is one of plastic surgery’s most commonly requested procedures, renowned for its ability to restore the facial features to their original youthful appearance.

During a facelift, a surgeon makes an incision around the contour of the face, and then subsequently pulls the skin back. This tightens and refines the most notable facial features.

Beyond these basics, there are several types of operations that are considered facelifts under the broader umbrella category. These include:

  • Neck Lifts
  • Limited Incision Facelifts
  • Traditional Facelifts
  • And more

When you consult with your doctor to get ready for your operation, you’ll be able to discuss which particular operation best fits your needs.

Receive A Medical Evaluation

This is one of the most important steps in your journey toward receiving quality treatment. This is because your medical evaluation will determine whether or not you’ll even be able to qualify to receive the treatment.

During your medical evaluation, your physician will determine your eligibility and fitness in regard to some of the possible stressors that one can undergo during a facelift.

Elements such as personal medical history, family medical history, and medications taken will be considered.

In addition, this window is your opportunity to ask any questions that you might have regarding your surgery, and ensure that you feel safe and secure with whatever your upcoming operation might entail.

Cease Smoking

One thing that will almost be universally advised is for you to cease smoking prior to your operation.

Smoking is very harmful to a number of the body’s physiological systems, and ceasing can only serve to aid in your preparation for a facelift.

In particular, smoking has the potential to impact your blood circulation and pressure, two elements that impact the rest of your health outcomes quite heavily.

Adjust Your Medication Intake

Your physician may also advise you to adjust the kinds and amounts of medications that you take. This is so that you can prepare your physique to properly adjust to the most optimal conditions for surgery.

Many common medications have profound effects on the elements that impact how surgeons operate. This includes things like blood pressure and flow.

You may also be asked to cease or adjust elements of other supplements that you may take, including certain vitamins, minerals, or herbal substances.

This includes things like aspirin and other commonly taken medications. This is because they have the potential to increase bleeding and bruising. During your medical consultation, your physician will clarify what their professional advice is regarding whatever medication you take.

Prepare Your Skin with Proper Care

You might be asked by your physician to apply certain products to your face before your operation, in order to prepare your skin to be the healthiest for its operation.

What facial products are recommended can vary heavily from individual to individual, and many things will depend on several of the other factors of your surgical and medical history.

By preparing the skin to be at optimal health prior to your operation, you give yourself the opportunity to maximize the results of your surgery to a very high degree.

You also give your physician the opportunity to perform their work on a body that is entirely prepared and optimized for the experience. This can have profound impacts on the overall results of your operation.

The logistics surrounding a facelift can be very complex, and for this reason it remains best practice to follow the advice of your operating physician to the T. This gives both parties the highest chance at satisfying results.

Serving Houston High-Quality Plastic Surgeries

Dr. Cain Linville and the rest of the team at Linville Plastic Surgery are known as one of the premier centers for plastic surgery near you in Houston. If you’re curious about whether you would make a good candidate for a facelift, then take a visit to our website to learn about scheduling a consultation for yourself.


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