Augmentation Helps Women With Underdeveloped Breasts

Augmentation Helps Women With Underdeveloped Breasts

For many women, their breast size impacts how womanly they feel. Unfortunately, lifestyle changes like diet and exercise cannot correct underdeveloped breasts. Many women instead turn to cosmetic procedures to obtain their desired look. Therefore, the 313,735 breast augmentations completed in 2018 alone is not a shocking statistic. While these breast augmentations include breast reductions, many of these procedures were completed to enlarge underdeveloped breasts. With many women unhappy with their underdeveloped breasts, it begs the question of why so many women are affected by it. For more information on how fat transfer breast augmentation can help, contact Dr. Linville today.

What causes underdeveloped breasts?

Two common factors cause underdeveloped tissue in the breasts:

  1. Genetics– One of the main factors involved in underdeveloped breasts is genetics. Doctor Richard Bleicher, is the director of the Breast Fellowship Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. He reported in Shape Magazine that your genes directly influence your hormone levels, which impacts your breast tissue. He also noted, “your breast characteristics can come from both sides of your family, so genes from your dad’s side can affect what your breasts end up looking like too.” Therefore, your genetic makeup directly influences your breast tissue. So, if underdeveloped breasts run in the family, then the likelihood of you experiencing it as well increases.
  2. Low body fat– Breast tissue and body fat impact your breast size and dangerously low body fat can cause underdeveloped breasts. Therefore, if you have an alarmingly low body fat percentage, then it may be beneficial for you to speak with your doctor about a meal and exercise plan that will achieve a healthy body fat percentage. For some, the achievement of being in a healthy body fat range will correct the look of underdeveloped breasts. However, if you obtain a healthy body fat percentage and still experience underdeveloped breasts, then you want to consider other options available to correct their look.

How to Address Underdeveloped Breasts

Since diet and exercise cannot correct the issue of underdeveloped breasts, many women are turning to cosmetic procedures to deliver the look they desire. One procedure, in particular, has gained a lot of attention, which is a fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure uses liposuction on one part of the body and then transfers that fat into the breasts. The end result leaves women with an enhanced look of their breasts while also address problem areas on other parts of the body. In addition to delivering a beautiful result, patients love this procedure for other reasons as well.

First, the fat transfer breast augmentation is a safe procedure that bypasses the complications and risks that breast implants entail.

Second, there is minimal to no scarring since the injection sites are so small. Lastly, the recovery is less intense since you do not have to worry about taking any precautions surrounding the implant. For more information on undergoing a fat transfer breast augmentation, contact Dr. Linville today.

Underdeveloped breasts can negatively affect the self-confidence of many women. However, if its causes are outside of your control, then it may be time to consider other options available to you, like a fat transfer breast augmentation. This safe procedure can correct the look of underdeveloped breasts without the risks associated with breast implants. Breast augmentation with fat transfer can also address other problem areas on your body with its liposuction component. For more information on the details of this procedure and if it is the right fit for you, contact Linville Plastic Surgery today.


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