6 Surprising Benefits of Fat Transfer

6 Surprising Benefits of Fat Transfer

As we age, the physical effects of aging are more apparent. The skin around the neck, chest, arms, and face may begin to wrinkle and sag. This can lead to an appearance that is even more aging, which can cause us to feel less confident. This is the best time to visit your trusted office of plastic surgery in Houston so you can work on a health plan that supports the growth of self-esteem. Let’s see the 6 surprising benefits of fat transfer.

6 Surprising Benefits of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer procedures are minimally-invasive surgeries that use a patient’s body fat to give them a fuller, more youthful-looking appearance in the areas they are looking to treat. Below are 7 surprising benefits of fat transfer that you may not know about.

Results That Last a Long Time

Fat grafting doesn’t inject any foreign substances like silicone or plastic into the body. It actually helps your body to have a natural reaction to the healing, which will give you greater success in achieving a transformed appearance. Fat grafting is a process that harvests fat from your body and transfers it to the area you desire to change. The results can be durable for many years. This can reduce the need for repeat surgeries and give you a younger appearance.

Natural-Looking Body Options

Fat grafting is a long-lasting procedure that looks great. Fat grafting is a popular option for Dr. Linville’s patients because fat grafting always yields natural-looking results regardless of where the fat is being transferred.

Accessible Procedure For All

You are able to take advantage of this procedure no matter what your body shape or size is. You only need fat cells to transform parts of your body, face, and limbs to make them look better. Anyone who wants to remove curves from one area and accentuate curves in another area on the body may find this to be the perfect kind of treatment.

Reduce Your Allergic Reactions

Patients may experience allergic reactions to silicone, latex, and other man-made materials that are introduced into their bodies during certain procedures. Fat grafting uses your body’s fat cells to alter your overall shape. So it completely eliminates the possibility of an allergic reaction. It proves an effective way to lose weight and eliminate of excess fat in the areas that you want to slim down.

Enjoy Natural Fillers

Fat grafting can be described as an injectable filler. However, your body’s fat is used in the syringe rather than silicone or other filler materials. It is possible to remove fat from an area you don’t want it and place it where you desire. This will give you a fuller, younger-looking body. You will also feel more natural and have a softer appearance.

Be a Good Candidate for This Procedure

Fat grafting is best for those who are in good health and have no pre-existing conditions. Patients should not smoke or drink regularly. Still, fat grafting may help change the shape of the body or add more volume to certain areas. Still, it should be done with realistic expectations. Although patients may experience an increase in vitality, they should not expect miracles.

Fat Grafting is Successful at Linville Plastic Surgery!

Patients who are interested in natural augmentation will most likely choose fat grafting. There are many dynamic plastic surgery options that can improve the appearance of your breasts. Fat grafting can be used to enhance your body naturally without the use of any foreign products. If you want to slim down in certain areas and enhance your natural curves in other places, then you might be the perfect candidate for a fat transfer breast augmentation in Houston. Get in touch with our friendly team of plastic surgery experts today and enjoy the way you feel, inside and out.


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