Why Autumn and Winter Are Tummy Tuck Seasons

Why Autumn and Winter Are Tummy Tuck Seasons

A tummy tuck can dramatically improve the look of your abdomen. Many women undergo the procedure after having children. However, there are a number of reasons why both men and women can benefit from the procedure. There is no time like the present to move forward with your plans. Below you will find why autumn and winter are tummy tuck seasons.

Why Autumn and Winter Are Tummy Tuck Seasons

A tummy tuck can tighten up your abdomen as it removes the excess skin and fat from the area. The result can be life changing as it can transform your appearance and restore your confidence. Consider the following reasons why autumn and winter are tummy tuck seasons.

Improved Recovery Experience

Autumn and winter are a great time to get your tummy tuck as you’ll likely have holiday time off work to apply toward your recovery. Many people opt to extend their holiday vacation time by a week or two to have some extra recovery time. Your results can be impacted by a poor or rushed recovery period. Take the time during or after the holidays to get your tummy tuck so you can have some extra rest and relaxation post-procedure.

Discreet and Private

Some people do not want to share what procedures they get which is completely understandable. Your decision to move forward with a cosmetic procedure should be as private and confidential as you want it to be. With that, recovering in the autumn and winter is much easier as you can cover up during the cold weather. You may experience some bruising and swelling post-procedure so you can easily put on sweaters, coats, or scarves to conceal them. The autumn and winter offer more options for you to be discreet about your tummy tuck procedure.

Final Results Ready for Summer

Your results will be clear immediately after surgery. However, there is a recovery period that takes more time than just a couple of weeks after surgery. You will notice your full results within a few months as everything fully settles. This means that you will be ready in time for summer. You can show off your results in a crop top or swim suit without issue by summertime.

Tummy Tuck Procedure

For those who are unhappy with their abdomen, a mini tummy tuck in Houston may be right for you. The first step in moving forward with the procedure is setting up a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon. Good candidates must be physically healthy, have realistic expectations, and not smoke. It is also important that you are close to your goal weight and have steadily maintained it. Weight loss after a tummy tuck can impact your results. Patients should also have realistic expectations about the procedure.

Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate for the procedure you can move forward with the process. There are a number of tummy tuck procedures and the type you get will be discussed during your consultation. One of the most popular options is a mini tummy tuck. This targets your lower abdomen and can reduce sagging and excess fat from the area. There are a number of benefits to this procedure as it results in smaller incisions, minimal scarring, and a short recovery period. The results are long-lasting as long as you maintain your weight and take care of your physical health.

Plastic Surgery in Houston

If you are considering plastic surgery in Houston, contact the team at Linville Plastic Surgery. They are skilled in a number of procedures and have helped countless patients achieve their desired aesthetic. Get started by scheduling a consultation today!


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