Discussing Breast Reduction with Your Partner

Discussing Breast Reduction with Your Partner

Being married or in a committed relationship requires constant communication. You’re two people trying to share this one life, and that isn’t always easy. With that said, it is a lot easier when you have set boundaries and regular conversations about how you feel and where you stand on important issues. Let’s look at discussing breast reduction with your partner.

Discussing Breast Reduction with Your Partner

Breast reduction is clearly an important issue. This procedure can drastically improve your quality of life, but it is also a joint financial decision for many couples. Even if you don’t share finances, it is important to discuss having a surgical procedure with your significant other so that they can prepare to help you through the process and recovery. Here are some tips on how to start that conversation before having plastic surgery in Houston.

Go to Them First:

You may be tempted to meet with a doctor to get all of the facts before approaching your significant other, but this is often the wrong approach. You don’t want your partner to feel that there was any measure of secrecy in place, so it’s better to just put it out on the table first. As you discuss your options, you can do research and meet doctors together.

Communicate Clearly:

This is not a time to hesitate or be overly accommodating. If you’re nervous about bringing the subject up, take a deep breath. Remind yourself that this is your body. Only you have to deal with the negative consequences of larger breasts. Your significant other should want what is best for you, but you have to make your needs clear to get that result.

Begin with Your Reasons:

Severe back pain is one of the most common reasons for breast reduction. Large breasts weigh a lot, and there is no reason you should have to suffer that pain on a daily basis. You may also dislike the way clothes fit or the way your breasts affect the way strangers interact with you. These are all valid reasons that someone who loves you will absolutely understand. By starting with your reasoning, you’re less likely to shock them.

Give Them Time:

Your partner loves your body as it is. It may take them a little while to wrap their head around changing a single thing about you. If they aren’t immediately on board, let them think about it. Emphasize how a breast reduction would improve your daily life. Your comfort is far more important than their attachment to your physical features, and that will sink in with a little time. If their hesitancy is based on financial concerns, then explore solutions together.

Include Them in the Process:

As with any other surgery, you will need a support person in the wings. Before you get your breast reduction in Houston, take your significant other with you to your consultation and prep appointments. This will give them a chance to ask any questions they have. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can help them to feel better about the implicit risks of surgery.

If the Conversation Doesn’t Get Better

Relationships are not always healthy and supportive. Sometimes they hit snags, and this may be one for you and your partner. If the conflict is based on the cost of elective surgery, then suggest talking to your doctor to see if they will deem your breast reduction “medically necessary.”

However, if your conflict is based on your partner’s attachment to your breasts, you should consider looking into options for couple’s therapy. Having a third party present can help you to find new ways of communicating so that your partner is better able to understand why you feel a breast reduction is necessary. Ultimately, this procedure is about you and your body, not them.


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