Can You Have a Nose Job After an Injury?

Can You Have a Nose Job After an Injury?

Dealing with a facial injury and physical trauma can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It may take months or years to fully recover, leaving you to worry about any permanent damages left on your face. If your injury isn’t addressed or treated right away, you could end up in an even worse state. Many patients wonder if cosmetic surgery is possible after an injury to correct the deformities and misalignments that may have occurred as a result of the trauma. So what about a nose job after your injury?

Can You Have a Nose Job After an Injury?

Can you have a nose job after an injury that has affected the physical features of your face? In most cases, you can. It largely depends on the nature of the injury and whether or not you are suffering from complications that affect the way you breathe. Here are some things to consider before getting plastic surgery in Houston.

Why Rhinoplasty is Necessary

Many patients require immediate rhinoplasty procedures after a sudden injury. Aside from the aesthetic benefits you can receive from a nose correction. There are medical necessities that are treated through this procedure as well.

Correct Breathing Complications

There are certain situations where a facial injury can cause serious breathing issues and similar troubles. If you have reduced airflow through the nose as a result of physical trauma, a rhinoplasty procedure may be necessary to reverse the damage done. Sinus problems and trouble sleeping are symptoms that a facial injury has caused some breathing complications in the nose.

Reduce Risk of Blood Clots

Rhinoplasty is also a necessary procedure for inventing blood clots. When a serious injury happens, there is a rush of blood to the injured area. If the injured nose is left untreated, this blood can remain there for too long, causing a blood clot. Blood clots put pressure on the cartilage and bridge on the nose, possibly causing irreversible damage.

Am I a Good Candidate for Emergency Rhinoplasty Procedures?

If your facial trauma has caused damage or breakage to the nose, it is important to consider a rhinoplasty procedure right away. You should speak with your primary care doctor as well as your rhinoplasty surgeon to confirm that you are a good candidate for emergency rhinoplasty procedures.

Good candidates have:

  • Fully-grown noses (most noses stop growing between 14 – 17 years of age)
  • A physically traumatic injury on the nose
  • Breathing complications due to a nose injury
  • Bleeding or blood clots due to a nose injury
  • Good general health apart from the injury
  • 100% consent and desire to have this surgery

In most cases, it is advised to give it some thought before you opt-in for a plastic surgery procedure. But if you have faced recent physical trauma that has injured or distorted your nose, you may need to act quickly for the sake of your health.

The Procedure: What to Expect

The results of your rhinoplasty procedure will dramatically improve not just the look, but the feel of your nose as well. The aim of the procedure is to provide relief from injury and trauma in order to prevent further complications. In addition, you should have a nose that you enjoy; one that is defined to highlight the best features of your face to restore a youthful appearance.

Remember that a little change can go a long way. You may not see dramatic changes in your nose, but a few centimeters of adjustment can make a huge difference. Your nose will continue to go through changes as you recover from this procedure, hopefully in the best of health.

Stop the Devastating Results of Injury Today

Facial trauma and sudden injury can have a lifetime of irreversible damage. The best way to treat immediate damage is to invest in a rhinoplasty procedure to correct your nasal pathways. Get in touch with our experts at the office of Dr. Cain Linville to learn more about what a rhinoplasty in Houston can do for you!


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